American Musician/Emcee/Producer/Songwriter/Engineer. C0Y0 (now known as C-Zero) is interpreted as “see zero why zero” this name is derived from his ambitious drive to achieve excellence while casting a blind eye to all the dream faders, and alternative facts. Negating the narrative faced by most inner city youths being devalued, he embraced a name of empowerment. C-Zero is an ILLUSTR3US Music Group recording artist who originates from Brooklyn, New York who was given birthed by Ghanaian parents. He started emceeing in ’08 when he released his first project. C-Zero has also opened up for members of Wu-Tang Clan, and has graced the stage alongside many budding, and influential acts in New York City. His works have been featured on myriads of online sites releasing  his music video for "Genocide" and "Undisputed" both riveting socially conscious records from his album "The 2nd Civil War"  release. His music is very progressive, eccentric, poignant, creative, spiritual, and intense. Through his cadence, wit, and imagery you can tangibly feel his passion for the music he creates. He creates his own niche in Hip Hop and adds his fabric to this quilt called music. His work ethic has garnered him a burgeoning buzz and following. In a genre where anomaly is shunned he dares to be different.




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